Personnel Policies Template

Personnel policies are important to protect the employer and provide guidelines for employees.  The implementation of personnel policies is crucial to implement as you grow your business.  

It’s often said that hiring the wrong person is like throwing money down the drain. Hiring and retaining high quality employees is a key component to any successful Life Care Management business. A new study revealed that some businesses are paying dearly for bad hires, costing them more than $13,000 on average per employee annually.

Our Life Care Management-specific personnel policies will save you time by having a solid starting point for protecting your Life Care Management business.  Outlines key factors to consider when hiring employees.

Protect your business

 Guidelines for employees
 Acts as a guide for management of employees
 Clear expectations and responsibilities
 Termination procedures in case of a poor hire
 Outlines all things to consider and put in place for every organization

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