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Our online community is your digital home for members to connect with each other and connect with experts.

Helping future and current life care managers start, grow and maintain a successful care management practice

Starting and running a Life Care Management business can be challenging. It is important for anyone starting out to follow a process and learn from other experienced care managers.

The Life Care Management products and courses will help you develop a plan, develop skills and avoid common mistakes. Entrepreneurs who invest in themselves and get professional help experience greater success.


The benefits of being a member of the LCM Expert community are endless peer-to-peer connections, access to experts, exclusive resources, and more. Our online community is your digital home for members to connect with each other and connect with experts. No need to wait for your annual conference to interact-you can do this every day with our online community platform.

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LCM Expert classes are designed so you can sit down on an afternoon or weekend to learn on your own schedule with our self-paced online classroom.

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Nearly 15% of Americans will be over 65 years old, or 39 million people in 2050. This shift in demographics is already creating a host of new opportunities in the field of Life Care Management. Now is the time to take advantage to prepare your business to grow and expand!

Shanna Huber — Founder
Jennifer Crowley — Founder

We help you develop the skills need to build your Life Care Management practice.  Our course, coaching and templates provide you with skills that have been tested and are currently used in the Life Care Management Industry.

It is common for people to make mistakes when they’re just starting out in a career. We know because we have made our fair share of them when we started.  Our programs are designed to help you avoid some of the costly mistakes we made and help you move your business further faster.

Our Life Care Management courses will not only show you how to manage your business, but it will help you grow your business faster. Through this course, you’ll learn the basics of Life Care Management and how to take your Life Care Management business to the next level. 

The Life Care Management Role

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