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LCM Form Templates

This Template Toolkit was created by Registered Nurses and Business Owners Jennifer Crowley and Shanna Huber, after years of building their own Life Care Management practices and struggling to find professional tools early on when starting their own practices.

Eight Ready To Use Templates

 Service Agreement
 Comprehensive Assessment
 Care Plan Template
 HIPAA Release
 Release of Information to Other Entity
 Subcontractor Agreement
 Facility Placement Assessment
 Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Life Care Management Handbook

A comprehensive handbook for anyone currently working or aspiring to work in the field of Life Care Management. Packed with information including common challenges and practical solutions, resources, and helpful information for managing complex situations. A powerful resource to help improve client satisfaction and build a solid foundation for greater outcomes.

Helping future and current Life Care Managers start, grow and maintain a successful care management practice

  • Practical skills for establishing and maintaining a life care management practice
  • A comprehensive review of common situations involving the life care manager and solutions for improved outcomes
  • Resources, strategies, and tools to assist the life care professional so they can grow in the field of care management
  • A road map to equip the care manager to be successful in their practice
  • Tips for designing a sustainable & successful practice using a collaborative model