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Course Creator Instructions

What We Need to Put Your Course on Our Site

Course Title

Your course title is one of the strongest factors for learners to find and enroll in your course. Be concise, specific, and keep it within 60 characters or less.

Course Subtitle (Optional)

A clear course subtitle provides a brief overview of what the course is about and sets the right expectations for what your students will learn. Keep it to 120 characters and mention 3-4 of the most important areas that you’ve covered during your course. Include relevant keywords in your subtitle. Visit our course title and subtitle quality standards to ensure you meet our requirements


At a minimum, your course description must be at least 200 words long, however, we recommend that describing your course with at least 1,000 words, between 1,200-1,700 words is even better. Your description should be unique and showcase what differentiates your course from others in the marketplace.

As you write your description, think about your intended learners and the questions they might have before they enroll:

  • How will this course help them in their lives, personally or professionally?
  • Does your course address a problem, need, or desire?
  • Learn more about our course description quality standards.

Learning Objectives

Provide us with a list of the key learning objectives they will get by taking your course.

Learning objectives should: 

  • reflect broad conceptual knowledge
  • reflect essential knowledge, skills or attitudes
  • focus on the results of the learning experiences
  • reflect the desired end of the learning experience, not the means or the process
  • represent the minimum performances that must be achieved to successfully complete a course or program
  • answer the question, “Why should a student take this course anyway?
  • Think about this as exit behaviors

At a minimum, please provide us with 5 learning objections for your course.

Instructor Bio

We don’t need your whole resume but just a 150–500-word overview of your background or expertise in the subject matter being taught.  Please include a profile picture of at least 500 px X 500 px.  

Instructor profile

The instructor bio is important when learners are comparing your course with another. They want to learn more about you and determine whether you’re a credible instructor to teach the subject. Your instructor bio should reflect your:


Let Learners want to know they can trust you. Highlight what makes you an expert in the materials you teach.


Ability to connect with learners by sharing examples demonstrating how you learned the concepts you’re teaching to show them they’ll be able to relate to your course content.


Learners don’t want to learn from a boring instructor. Show your excitement about the subject.


Don’t hesitate to share things about your personal life. Add some fun facts about yourself or share your interests. Tell them about your goals, mission, or why you decided to teach this course.

Course Promotion Video

Create a short (under 2 minutes is ideal) course promotional video that learners can watch before they decide whether or not to enroll in your course.  You can also use your promotional video as a marketing tool and post it on other sites (like YouTube or LinkedIn) to drive traffic to your course on LMC Expert.

Creating a Preview For Your Course

A course preview is like a movie trailer for your course. It’s a video of two minutes or less on your course landing page that helps learners understand what you’ll teach and, most importantly, how you’ll teach it.

It should include:

First 15 Seconds

Welcome and instructor intro

Give a 1-sentence intro to the course that tells potential learners why you’re a credible instructor.

Tip: Try inserting clips where you speak directly to the camera. In a pinch, you can always use the camera on your phone.

Next 20 Seconds


Describe the benefits of the course and what students will be able to do after completing it.

Give students examples of specific skills they will gain, instead of abstract concepts they will learn.

Next 20 seconds

List of major learning objectives

Explain how the course is designed and list (don’t describe) the major topics you’ll cover.

Be careful not to get too bogged down in the details of what you’ll cover. Don’t teach anything yet, just list what you will teach.

Next 15 seconds

Ideal learner description

Persona Generator: Think about the three aspects below to help define the ideal student persona for course.

  • Roles: What are some roles this persona plays in their professional and personal life?
  • Hopes & fears: What are some goals this persona wants to achieve? What worries this persona?
  • Challenges: What challenges does this persona face when trying to achieve their goals?

Result: “I designed this course for Life Care Managers who is hesitant to hire their first employee.”

Next 10 seconds

Thank You & Call To Action

Call the student to enroll in the course or sample your free previews, if they want to explore further.

Our most important tip:

Keep it under 2 minutes. 90 seconds is ideal.