Business Intensive Program

When it comes to business decisions, one of the most costly mistakes a company can make is hiring the wrong applicant. It’s an unfortunate reality that many businesses are making that very mistake—more than 74% of employers say they’ve hired the wrong person for a position.

Personnel policies are important to protect the employer and provide guidelines for employees. Save time by having a template specific for the care management practice. Outlines key factors to consider when hiring employees.

Business Intensive Program

Program Includes:

Lesson 1: Business Planning 1

Lesson 2: Business Planning 2

Lesson 3: Leadership & Business Culture

Lesson 1: Profitability

Lesson 2: Networking

Lesson 1: Emergency & Disaster Preparedness

Lesson 2: Insurance & Legal Protections

Lesson 3: Quality Assurance

Lesson 4: Diversification

This course saved me from making some big mistakes when hiring my first employee. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Susan Sample

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