Business Intensive Program

In this course you will learn the key steps necessary to create your business, including how to take care of some of the formalities. This includes naming your business, registering your business in the state where you are to provide services, setting up a presence for others to find you, and resources to refer to for development. You will also learn about business culture and leadership, which involves trying to gain perspective on your core values and how to align with your true intentions. 

Business Intensive Program


Program Includes:

Lesson 1: Business Planning

Lesson 2: Profitability

Lesson 3: Leadership & Business Culture

Lesson 4: Social Media

Lesson 5: Networking

Lesson 6: Emergency & Disaster Preparedness

Lesson 7: Insurance & Legal Protections

Lesson 8: Quality Assurance

Lesson 9: Diversification

Lesson 10: Putting it all Together

Business Intensive Program